Rhodo Mountain Estates
                     Homeowners Association (Jim Thorpe, PA)
Rhodo Mountain Estates is a small private community in the Pocono Mountains region of Northeastern PA.   It is located near the Drakes Creek Rd access point to Lehigh Gorge State Park.  Within minutes to the southwest is the downtown area of Jim Thorpe and to the northeast is Hickory Run State Park, Big Boulder Ski Area, Lake Harmony and Split Rock Resort.
For the safety & enjoyment of all of our  members & visitors there is a 15mph speed limit for EVERY motorized vehicle on ALL RME roads. Violators are subject to fines.
Dogs  should be supervised at all times when outside and not on a leash or otherwise restrained.

*** Spring Thaw ***

We are no longer in the Spring Thaw period.  However, as always, please take care on all RME roads especially those not paved which may become muddy when wet. 
​Property owners please keep in mind that you are responsible for road damage & repair if you or your contractor/vendor damages any part of the RME roads (outside normal usage road wear). 

*** Spring Is Here ***
RME is a private community with private roads.  All Members, Visitors and Renters are bound by the Covenants, Bylaws and Rules Of Conduct of the Homeowners Association.  These documents can be downloaded from the Docs/Forms page. 
There is NO Hunting, Trapping or Trespassing permitted within RME property.
“The mountains are calling and I must go.” 
​~​John Muir
Members & guests - No parking is permitted in the cul-de-sacs at the ends of West, Trillium and Unionville roads.  The cul-de-sacs are for emergency and other larger vehicle turn-around purposes.  Parking is permitted on other roadsides provided you do not block the road or create a hazard.  For your safety and the safety of your vehicle, we strongly advise against parking on the sides of Tupelo during the winter months.

*** 2016 HA Meeting ***

The 2016 annual homeowners meeting wil be scheduled in the next few months.  Please watch your email for an invitation once we have a date.
RME is a small private community.  For the safety of our members, their guests and pets absolutely NO HUNTING OR TRAPPING is permitted within association grounds.