Rhodo Mountain Estates
​~​John Muir
“The mountains are calling and I must go.” 
*** Winter Weather Advisory  ***

                                            Please use extreme caution when driving our Tupelo hill in winter as the pavement can become very slippery and difficult to traverse in winter weather.  Cinders are available in the tubs installed on the sides of the road below West Drive for homeowners to use in hazardous conditions.  Also, if you are unable to traverse the hill, we recommend you park on the side of Drakes Creek Rd.                                              DO NOT PARK ON THE SIDES OF, OR AT THE BOTTOM OF, TUPELO as your vehicle will be in position to be hit if anyone were to lose control on the hill.

                                            Please feel free to contact a member of the board with any concerns.
These rules are based on the Protective Covenants, which run with the land and are thus enforceable in a Court of Law.

Rhodo Mountain Estates (RME) Homeowners Association (HA) is authorized to enforce all provisions of these Rules of Conduct through issuance of Civil Penalties. ALL FIRST TIME VIOLATORS (except where specified otherwise) will receive a fine of $25.00 + costs, SECOND OFFENSE A FINE OF $50.00 + costs. ALL THIRD AND SUBSEQUENT violators will receive a fine of $100.00 + costs. Any unpaid fine will result in the suspension of privileges/amenities until such fines are paid.

Appeal of a Civil Penalty will be by a hearing before the Civil Penalty Hearing Panel. Written appeal must be made within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the Civil Penalty. Any denial of appeal may be forwarded by written request to the Board of Directors for final action. In the event the fine is not paid, legal action may be taken and the amount of the fine and associated charges will be added to the billing.

ALL PROPERTY OWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR GUESTS’, CONTRACTORS’, SUBCONTRACTORS’ AND RENTERS’ ADHERENCE TO THESE RULES OF CONDUCT and are obligated to provide guests/renters with current copies. Property Owners responsibility includes direct liability for all fines. Property Owners must present all appeals on behalf of the renter or guest.


• NO firearms, bow & arrows, air/BB guns or similar weapons may be discharged in Rhodo Mountain Estates.
• NO hunting is permitted in Rhodo Mountain Estates. Violations of either of these rules will result in a fine of $500.00 + Cost. THERE IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR THESE INFRACTIONS.

• If  there is a Township, County, Region or State ban of fires, there will be NO fires permitted in the community. A violation of this regulation may result in a fine of up to $500.00 + Costs.
• By Contractor or Builder -No permits will be issued to contractors to burn ANY building debris, trash, bush, etc. at any time. Contractors must remove and dump, at their own disposal site or Township Dump. Violation of this regulation may result in a fine of $100.00+ Costs for the first offense, $250.00 + Costs for the second and $500.00 + Costs for all subsequent violations.
• By Homeowner -Because of the risks involved, homeowners may burn leaves and twigs only in a metal containers covered with a screen, provided a fire company AND THE Rhodo Mountain Estates HA is previously notified of such a burning. Violations carry a fine of $100.00 + Costs for the first offense, $250.00 + costs for the second and $500.00 + costs for all subsequent violations.
• Recreational Fires -Property Owners Only – Non-contained recreational fires require written HA approval as to time, location and reason, as well as notification of Rhodo Mountain Estates HA and the fire company. Appropriate measures for supervision and fire control are required. Chimney and other similar type devices are exempt from these regulations.  Violations will result in a fine of up to $500.00 + costs.

• Non-legal fireworks are NOT permitted in Rhodo Mountain Estates. Users will be subject to a fine of $500.00 + Costs. THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR VIOLATORS OF THIS SECTION.

• Lot number signs are required on ALL non-developed properties. Assigned 911 street numbers are required on developed properties in accordance with Penn Forest Township Ordinance. (No lot numbers posted on these properties.)
• Name signs are permitted. Maximum size of signs is two by two (2x2) feet. Lots without an appropriate number sign are subject to a fine of $25.00 + cost. All signs, other than numbers or name signs MUST have written ACC approval or a Civil Penalty may be issued.
• Garage Sale & Yard Sale are limited to 2 sales per household per year. Signs MUST be removed within 48 hours after the sale. Violators may be subject to a Civil Penalty.

• NO littering. A fine of $300 + Cost may be issued for infractions.

MOTORIZED VEHICLES (Cars. Trucks, State Licensed Motorcycles, Boats)
• All applicable motor vehicle laws MUST be obeyed, including, but not limited to, current insurance, inspection, registration, etc.
• All roads have a speed limit of 15 mph. Fines are $25.00 + Cost + $1.00 per mile over the posted speed limit for the first offense, $75.00 + Costs, + $1.00 per mile over the posted speed limit for the second offense within one calendar year of the first offense, $100.00+ cost + $1.00 per mile hour over the posted speed limit for the third and all subsequent offenses within one calendar year of the first offense.
• NO passing of vehicles is permitted. Violation will result in a fine of $100.00 + Cost.
• All drivers must have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit (accompanied by a license driver.)
• No owner of a motorized vehicle shall authorize, or permit the operation thereof by any person under the age of sixteen (16) years of age unless that individual is the holder of a valid state license. 
• NO OVERNIGHT ROADSIDE PARKING IS PERMITTED unless authorized by Rhodo Mountain Estates HA.
• NO vehicles, campers, boats or trailers may be abandoned, stored or used as temporary or permanent living quarters on your lot. Violation may result in a fine up to $100.00 + Cost.  Rhodo Mountain Estates HA MUST be notified of any vehicles that have been parked, disabled, or abandoned on the road because of a snowstorm or have otherwise become disabled. Violators may be subject to a fine of $50.00 + Costs.
• Snow MUST NOT be shoveled or plowed onto any roadway during or after a snow storm. Fines may be issued for creating a roadway hazard.
• Vehicles illegally parked, thus creating a hazard, will be towed at the owner's expense.
• Parking is allowed only in designated areas. There is NO parking at any place where signs prohibit such parking.
• No vehicles with a GVW of 20,000 1bs. or more are to be driven on RME roads without permission. Spring-thaw road weight restrictions will be enforced. Weekly restrictions will be posted as applicable. Violators may be subject to a fine of $1,000.00 + Costs.

• No person (s) may conduct themselves in such a manner as to prohibit the use and enjoyment of others, as for example, but not limited to, producing loud noise, engaging in boisterous conduct, late hour parties, raucous behavior, using recreational vehicles to excess, and the like. Persistence in such conduct may cause a suspension of privileges and/or removal from the properties and a fine up to $300.00 + Cost.

• Anyone found damaging or vandalizing any Rhodo Mountain Estates HA property will be responsible for the cost of repair/replacement of damaged or stolen property as well as possible criminal prosecution and a fine up to $300.00 + Cost.

• Anyone found causing public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm, recklessly creating a risk, or engaging in fighting, threatening, or making unreasonable noise, using obscene language or gestures, or creating a hazardous or physically offensive condition which serves no legitimate purpose may receive a fine of $100.00 + Cost for the first offense, $150.00 + Costs for the second offense and $200.00 + Costs for all subsequent violations.

• It shall be unlawful within Rhodo Mountain Estates for any person to own, possess, harbor, or control any dog or animal which makes noise continuously and/or incessantly for a period of fifteen minutes, or makes such noise intermittently for thirty minutes or more to the disturbance of the peace of any person any time of the day or night, regardless of whether the animal or dog is physically situated in or upon private property, said noise hereby being declared a nuisance, provided, that at the time the animal or dog is making such nuisance, no person is trespassing or threatening to trespass upon private property in or upon which the animal or dog is situated, nor is there any other legitimate cause which justifiably provoked the animal or dog. 
• Any person may request Rhodo Mountain Estates HA to warn any person who shall own, harbor or keep in custody any dog or animal which disturbs the peace by barking, howling or making other loud noises to the annoyance and discomfort of persons in Rhodo Mountain Estates. A warning by Rhodo Mountain Estates HA shall be in writing and shall name, identify and specify the residence to the owner, keeper or custodian of the dog and shall identify and specify the name and residence of the person making the request and/or complaint.
• If the warning given to the person alleged to be keeping a dog or animal as set forth above is ineffective, then a verified complaint may be presented to the Rhodo Mountain Estates HA, alleging that a dog or animal which habitually makes noise is being kept by any person within Rhodo Mountain Estates. Rhodo Mountain Estates HA shall inform the owner of such a dog or animal that said petition has been received and shall cite the owner of the dog or animal for the violation alleged in said petition.
• Provisions of this ordinance shall not apply to a guide dog which is used to assist a person who is identified as "legally blind" or to a dog used to assist any individual with a disability, handicap or for documented emotional-support purposes.
• All pets MUST be confined to the owner's property or on a leash. Any owner of a pet not confined to the owner's property or on a leash may receive a fine of "up to" $300.00 + Costs. 
• All dogs more than six (6) months of age or remaining in Pennsylvania for more than six (6) months MUST be licensed under Pennsylvania State Law. Pennsylvania law requires dogs and cats over three months of age to be vaccinated against rabies.
• The owner of any pet found to cause a bite to an individual shall receive an automatic maximum fine of $600.00 + Cost with appeal.
• A property is limited to no more than four (4) owned-dogs, further, nor is an owner permitted to breed dogs or animals for commercial purposes in RME.

• Malfunctioning alarm systems identified as exceeding three false alarms within 30 days may be subject to a fine of $50. + Cost. False MEDICAL, FIRE, AND PANIC alarms may subject the owners to a fine of up to $500. + Cost.